Roman de Salvo in ‘Eureka!’ exhibition at New Children’s Museum

Roman de Salvo’s installation Desert Derby is now included in the new exhibition ‘Eureka!’ at New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego. Desert Derby is an interactive art installation in which children (and adults!) move a sculpted, shoe-box-sized car down what’s essentially an elegant variation on a U-shaped track. Desert Derby is a landscape of reservoirs and roads inspired by Southern California’s true nature as an engineered phenomenon in the desert. Located on the Main Level, the key materials used are hand-carved wooden cars, ramps, concrete dam, wood and foam reservoir sculpture.

“The idea of kid power, the idea of harnessing people, really, has been part of what has driven some of my other ideas like the ‘Crab Carillon’ on 25th Street,” said de Salvo, referring to his public sculpture in Golden Hill that you play as you walk by.

“It’s this idea that as you move through a space you can harness that movement to kind of (activate the art), as if you were the machine that drives the film projector, the record player, whatever, but you are the stylus. The sculpture doesn’t work without your movement through it.”

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