Psilocybin Print by Kelsey Brookes

Psilocybin Print by Kelsey Brookes


Kelsey Brookes



silkscreen on cotton rag stock

46-3/4″ x 40-1/4″

118.7cm x 102.2cm

edition of 50

(title, edition, date and signature on front of print)

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Product Description

KELSEY BROOKES spent time at Axelle Fine Arts print studio in Brooklyn, NY working on this series, which includes LSD, Mescaline, Serotonin, Psilocybin, as well as creating 53 monoprints with the Psilocybin image. These prints stem from paintings featured in a 2012 exhibition at Quint Gallery titled Serotonin; Happiness and Spiritual States. The silkscreen process captures each painstaking layer of detailed brushwork from the original paintings. The cotton rag stock on which they are printed, adds vibrancy to the colors of each print. The ink saturates the paper, using colors identical to the original paintings’ pigments; they even fluoresce under black light.

Using molecular drawings as a starting point, the colorful abstractions expand from each neuron. The subject matter is hidden in the design. The paintings begin with molecular line structure sketches that slowly reveal the complex and fascinating nature of these molecular structures through the use of color and design. The painter’s hand guides the design, filling the canvas with brushwork. In so doing, the painter meditates on each stroke and centers himself with tenants from Eastern religions. Other paintings use more direct connections to Buddhism as well as pointed meditation, which is the focus on a single point. Brookes is using these principles to create work that has the power to inspire deep thought and reflection while also remaining within the aesthetic of his work.

NOTE:  Ten complete sets of four prints (Psilocybin, LSD, Serotonin and Mescaline) with matching edition numbers have been set aside, which can also be purchased on our Online Store by clicking HERE.


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