Mark Quint – Cultural Pioneer LUXE Magazine Winter, 2011

Cultural Pioneer Mark Quint / LUXE Magzine - Winter, 2011 pg.122

Mark Quint stands in Quint Contemporary Art, one of the few San Diego galleries that helped launch the city’s art scene. The painting behind him is a San Diego artist Kim MacConnel. Opposite: Frequent trips to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego keep Quint abreast of new trends and talent, both locally and nationally. Shown is the museum’s La Jolla location, featuring Nancy Rubin’s Pleasure Point sculpture.

Mark Quint anticipated a short stay when he returned to his hometown of San Diego 30 years ago to try his hand at owning and operating a contemporary art space. “I figured I’d eventually move to New York or Los Angeles to be more immersed in the art world,” he says. “I knew there wasn’t a whole lot going on gallery-wise in San Diego.” So, at a time when merely a handful of exhibition spaces existed in the city, Quint founded his eponymous gallery, now located in La Jolla, showing the works of local artist friends he made during his schooling at the San Francisco Art Institute. Recognition quickly ensued for Quint’s fresh mix of emerging talent and, shortly after, for his efforts to make both national and international artists’ work more accessible to the city—a mission that prompted Quint to develop, along with local collector Michael Krichman, a program that invites artists from around the world to live, work and exhibit in San Diego. “I like to think I’m an artist’s dealer,” he says. “I really listen to the artists about what they want and who they recommend. I think that’s partly why I’ve been so fortunate in my work.”

Quint’s collection of contemporary artists includes American conceptual painter Mel Bochner, who created Blah, Blah, Blah, an oil-on-velvet piece, in 2010.

Cultural Pioneer: MARK QUINT

Favorite Museum:
The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego has an amazing minimalist collection. It’s one of the best contemporary museums in the country.

Perfume inserts from the 1980s magazines, ‘60s board games, 3-D postcards, vintage family (not my own) photographs.

A painting by British artist Luke Caulfield that I bought in memory of my late son, Joshua.

There are no limits to what can stimulate one’s appetite for creation. My early inspiration was mom. She was a very positive and inquiring person.

Up Next:
The next big exhibition I’m planning is a collaboration with late minimalist painter John McLaughlin and artist and furniture designer Roy McMakin, who created furniture as interpretations of McLaughlin’s paintings.

Abraham Lincoln’s quote: “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends with them?”

Cultural Pioneer Mark Quint / LUXE Magazine Winter, 2011 pg. 123
Cultural Pioneer Mark Quint / LUXE Magazine Winter, 2011 pg. 123