About Lincoln Schatz

Lincoln Schatz’s work is interested in identity, portraiture and perception. Schatz began his career as a sculptor and in 2000 made the transition from the making of objects to working in video. His video works, which he calls “generative portraiture,” take indiscrimanant footage of the viewer, compiling the images in a computer software which collages the footage into beautiful video archives capturing all the visitors to the piece.

I am fascinated by the concept of reality as perception and perception as reality. I view my life as a chance series of events. What they mean is open for interpretation and questioning. How do we account for the paths we take and those which we do not? In response to this question I have embraced chance as a methodology. This approach does not negate structured thought and action. Rather, it allows the process to remain open to the unexpected, ensuring its vitality.
— Lincoln Schatz, 2008

“The self-casting also recalls Dan Graham’s Time Delay Room, 1974. You exist simultaneously in the real space-time and just-past space-time of the foyer… With one foot in the past and another in the present, you are yourself-becoming-other.”
— Charissa N. Terranova, Art Papers, July/August 2007