About Johannes Girardoni

JOHANNES GIRARDONI    is an internationally exhibited artist with a focus in installation and sculpture. His interest in contemporary culture has lead Girardoni to create works that explore new environments including both virtual and material content. Girardoni focuses on presenting viewers with environments that encompass both natural and virtual aspects.   His interests are in material and light, presence and absence, things found and things formed  that  resist  clear  definition  and interpretation.

Girardoni is an Austrian born artist with a lucrative career on the East coast who recently moved to Los Angeles where he has become interested in the Light and Space movement of Southern California. Girardoni’s work has been highlighted at several solo exhibitions as well as over 70 group exhibitions. His art is in public collections world wide, including The Fogg Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Mayer-Rieckh Collection, Graz, Austria.