About Christopher Puzio

CHRISTOPHER PUZIO received his education at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit where he focused and developed his passion for visual art and contemporary metalwork. Since then he has produced a large body of work while completing many private and public art commissions throughout the region. His work was most recently featured in Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s exhibition “Here Not There: San Diego Art Now.”

In addition to his work as a studio artist, Puzio is responsible for coordinating fabrication and shop related curriculum at Woodbury University School of Architecture in San Diego. Puzio lectures widely on the topics of craft and design. His personal dedication and commitment to the arts has been evidenced within numerous local and national publications.

“My work is a study of geometry, pattern and structure found within nature. As an artist trained in architecture and metalworking, this overarching curiosity for the natural world remains a primary interest and theme within my work.”