About Adam Belt


Artist’s Statement

During a visit to Death Valley, I sat high upon a rocky slope of the Last Chance mountain range facing east to watch the colors change during twilight. Beneath my feet I found 450 million year old fossils scattered about on different rocks, originating during a period when an ocean inhabited the region. Across the valley floor a massive alluvial fan emerged from the Gold Mountains to the east. A large arroyo cut sharply through the fan. The tributary for water and rock debris from flash floods continues to erode the mountains even as tectonic forces thrust them upwards.
As the shadow of the earth rose above the exposed rocky terrain, two saucer-like lenticular clouds appeared motionless, silently hovering above the opposing peak. Signaling the presence of air turbulence icy vapor drifted from the larger of the two clouds to its smaller companion. In the lavender silence before nightfall a sense of geologic time replaced the incremental passage of hours and minutes and a palpable feeling of absolute stillness pervaded the landscape.
Time, entropy, creation and the unseen forces which shape our physical world are my interests in art making. I consider myself a facilitator, setting up circumstances for these concerns to manifest themselves. A deliberate formal structure serves as a backdrop to highlight material interaction and change. These formal decisions also serve as a contrast to the forms created by the inherent properties of the materials used.
I share interests with the earth works artists and those who explore potential forms inherent in materials. I also seek to use these properties in my exploration of various ideas of the void, simultaneous states of being and formation/destruction. I attempt to allow the subject of my art to create the work itself. The overall progression of my work is motivated by the same desire for exploration and discovery that leads me to places like Death Valley. Like the unusual geological formations found there, my hope is to allow the creation of works that defy expectation.