HOMING IN: An Exhibtion of 50 San Diego Artists

HOMING IN: An Exhibition of 50 San Diego Artists

HOMING IN: An Exhibition of 50 San Diego Artists


— featuring —

  • David Adey
  • Wick Alexander
  • Michael James Armstrong
  • Barry Bell
  • Adam Belt
  • Robin Bright
  • Kelsey Brookes
  • Dan Camp
  • Claudia Cano
  • Kenneth Capps
  • Alida Cervantes
  • Matt Coors
  • Lael Corbin
  • Stephen P. Curry
  • Philip Custer
  • Roman de Salvo
  • Einar de la Torre
  • Jamex de la Torre
  • Brian Dick
  • Tom Driscoll
  • Amanda Farber
  • Manny Farber
  • Steve Gibson
  • Raul Guerrero
  • Joanne Hayakawa
  • Jay Johnson
  • Louis Hock
  • Christopher Lee
  • Jean Lowe
  • Kim MacConnel
  • Richard Allen Morris
  • Zac Monday
  • Anne Mudge
  • Marie Najera
  • Patricia Patterson
  • Iana Quesnell
  • Chris Reilly
  • Allison Renshaw
  • Philipp Scholz Rittermann
  • Gail Roberts
  • John Rogers
  • Ellen Salk
  • Italo Scanga
  • Lynn Schuette
  • Barbara Sexton
  • Ernest Silva
  • James Skalman
  • Matt Stallings
  • Perry Vasquez
  • Vicki Walsh

The work of San Diego’s top tier contemporary artists hasn’t been seen in the same place at the same time since 1985, when the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art presented  “A San Diego Exhibition: Forty-Two Emerging Artists.”

Quint Contemporary Art brings this long drought to an end with HOMING IN: An Exhibition of 50 San Diego Artists. The show presents paintings, photographs, video and sculpture; features abstraction and representation; and offers moods ranging from hot to cool – all in formats less than 24” wide due to the limited space available.

Some of the exhibition’s artists are in their fifties, sixties and older; and were part of the La Jolla Museum’s survey nearly a quarter century ago.  The exhibition’s younger artists, those in their twenties, thirties, and forties may have no recollection whatsoever of that earlier survey.

This exhibition is organized by gallery director Ben Strauss-Malcolm and in a move that’s unusual in the competitive world of contemporary art galleries he invited many artists affiliated with other local galleries to participate in order to make the exhibition more reflective of the full gamut of work coming out of studios in the San Diego region.

Anyone interested in the look and conditions of art in San Diego today is encouraged to visit this exhibition.

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